About My Work

These spaces, colors and shapes are the hideouts of my creative universe. feelings involved situations that framed in a space.

When I face a canvas I face myself. It all starts with that plane blank where you must fit all this torrent of ideas that make my creative crucible.

Situations that fill our space, or sometimes simply leave a void. So I face reality or perhaps fantasy.

The moments that make up our existence, that succession of situations, events and feelings that sometimes difficult to distinguish the vital evolution, make up the pieces of this puzzle we call "Life" and that attach to our memory or dissolve into oblivion.

Each of these pieces has color, and each color at a given moment belongs to a form and a specific dimension as a result of feeling that derives from the expression that gives it its shape.

Not all forms have the same color, not all shades have the same shape, not all shines in the same way.

My motivation is the purest feeling of security that human beings need to stay strong at every event. Survival, protection, and these concepts are represented in my formal universe in the shape of a tree.

The thousand and one ways that generates a leafy tree that shelters you with their branches of the harshness of life come to me, bedecked with its rainbow of colors that light spreads over them.

These wonderful ways that give the branches and at the same time form the most capricious negative forms which learned not make sense to study in depth the teacher Mondrian who teaches you a different way to appreciate the intangible that comes from the tangible.

In a way I like all painters, paint with light, which is for the color but the light filtered in its spectrum that runs through the labyrinths of the mind and integrates with thoughts, memories and feelings of the painters life.

In that magical mix of light and thinking that involves the conceptual baggage of an artist, not only intervenes conscious thought but also the unconscious. In my creative act establishing a dialogue between shapes, colors and thoughts which adds to the personal set of plastic characteristics we call style.

When I draw, it is because I feel my feelings to the surface and look at ways to give the greatest sense of beauty and harmony. Trying to show and share in organized forms, purest my feelings, it is therefore a search for the sublime.

Shapes and colors give the viewer an intimate moment of personal reflection. Share this moment of encounter in a finished canvas with the viewer for me a whole liturgy, where my desire to suggest the purity of the feelings expressed in the work not only seek approval but also personal reflections that led me to the work can be continued in the intellectual universe of the observer.

I was born in the graphic arts environment. Dad, a graphic artist, colorblind. Something I did not know or could not understand when I saw his work and prepare his colors. The mix of a bit of this color and a bit of that color, a pinch of another makes a wonderful universe before my eyes. It was always Extraordinary colors, clean and vibrant.

One world in which it is the limitations enrich the Senses , providing different views of the same reality. Create definitely it is.

Im sure and somewhat inevitably, are the gray that I use, come to my inspiration and not bring sadness or melancholy, as he was a cheerful, spontaneous and exquisite man.

Who always emulated without knowing it and always lived within their canons of behavior, being honesty its vital principle, a principle that is essential for an artist, honesty is the end of the day be yourself and an artist expresses what is in his work.

And who dedicate my work today and tomorrow, all of it. And I know he will agree to share that dedication and reason of my life with my Angel, I have no doubt that was sent to me straight from heaven.

Architects and Designers

For years I have worked on various projects for interior designers, decorators and architects.

The purpose is to show the progress of the work that can be performed both "Small" and "Large Format"

Working on projects from start to finish, from drawing sketches, artists proof, present digital displays and the execution of the ending work.

Adapting to the requirements of the project, always keeping the language of the artist and the concept of Art Major.

I have a well prepared workshop, where they are also exposed some pieces already finished , sketches and interesting ideas that the Architect and Interior Designer or exterior can count for any project or venture into a new idea.

Contact Ana Abreu

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on my work, or to just say hello!